As a single father raising three boys, one of whom is on the Autism spectrum, Gil understands firsthand the challenges families encounter when raising a child with a disability.  When his boys were younger, Gil learned to navigate the special education journey for his own all while coaching Challenger Baseball and Soccer to support other children and their families facing the same struggles.  Gil was honored and humbled to be a participant on the No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon Committee for Special Education and was a speaker at the East Bay Equity Summit which was recognized by the State of California.  Gil is an ardent supporter of and gives back to all of the communities he has lived in over the years in countless ways, from volunteering his time, offering various donations, and supporting families on their IEP journeys.


Gil’s son was diagnosed at the age of three years old and services at that time were lacking.  But what was Gil found most critical was his son’s ability to be ensured access to education and Gil quickly learned access was not an easy task to achieve.  From hiring advocates, attorneys and preparing for Due Process, Gil took a step back and approached the situation not from a place of emotion, but from an understanding that we must work together to achieve success.  Developing a collaborative model, Gil was able to help his son succeed on his education path.

Assisting other advocates at IEP meetings and other educationally-related meetings, Gil sees the increasing demand for advocacy, needed as the inequities for those labeled “disable” grow more disparate and quality options should be available for families to consider in their child’s educational journey.


Those in the advocacy field all do this from their hearts.  Our emotions and connections with our clients are strong.  When you hire me, you will not be hiring just another advocate, but a team who takes a “child-centered approach” and will actively engage with you to ensure your child’s needs will be clearly defined, and the services sought will be collectively agreed upon.  Your team will be knowledgeable on meeting guidelines and defining the objective clearly to ensure that your time is well spent focusing on your child’s needs and positive outcomes.  Adhering to timelines and following best practices is critical to achieve a successful outcome.