Tania and her two sons


Tania is a single mother of two sons with disabilities. Her youngest son is now 16 years old and has Down syndrome. Her oldest son is 26 years old with Brain Damage, Epilepsy, Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), learning disorder, Irlen Syndrome, and Dyslexia. In 2008, Tania and her boys relocated to Brentwood where she became a volunteer assistant coach for the Special Olympics Track and Field team. In addition to attending college full time, Tania completed her Crime Scene Investigator and Criminal Law Specialist Certificate, Certificate of Accomplishment, and Certificate in Administration of Justice. Tania has also worked as a Financial Crimes Investigator for a large financial company where she acquired skills useful when assisting families in her advocacy. In addition, Tania interned at the Napa County Sheriff crime lab. In 2013, Tania served on the Brentwood Union School District's (BUSD) Parent Special Education Community Advisory Committee (CAC) as a social media & Parent Outreach Volunteer, school representative and later as Social Media Coordinator for the BUSD Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC). Tania takes pride in conducting research and providing information and resources through numerous social media outlets, parent groups, special foundations, and the community at large.


After her boys attended public school for many years, the realization hit that the public education system was unable to provide her children with an appropriate education. Tania researched quality schools, supports and, services which would allow her sons to access their education and thrive, not just survive. She understood the importance of preparing her boys for the future and knew this would be no small feat as she quickly learned the system was stacked against individuals with disabilities. Tania ardently advocated for placement of her younger son in a nonpublic school where he has been successful and learned independence. Tania's oldest son received a high school certification of completion and then a diploma with the support of an educational therapist. He also obtained a drivers license, has his own vehicle, and has a job where he has been working for over six years. Her oldest also maintains his own apartment and has a beautiful daughter which he raises with his Tania's support. Because of Tania's tenacity, along with the support of knowledgeable advocates and quality service providers, Tania's sons are functioning at a higher level of independence than the system ever anticipated. She makes it look easy, but Tania will tell you, she had to fight and fight hard she did!

Tania's Family

Tania's granddaughter and youngest son


Some of the services which have contributed to the success of Tania's boys include but are not limited to inclusion opportunities, Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, educational therapy, Lindamood-Bell, Independent Living Services (ILS), Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) services, and other specialist tutoring services. Tania believes that with the right placement and with high-quality supports and services any child can succeed beyond what society thinks our kids can do. Tania assists families in finding placements, parent support groups, and other supports and services your child needs to succeed.